The Right to Get Paid for Your Work

The ability to get paid for one’s interior design services is the most basic right for any interior designer – whether practicing in the commercial or residential space. That is why, as a profession, we must join together to advocate for new laws that will protect any interior designer from non-payment. Specifically, this means lobbying for interior designers to have lien rights in every state. A lien is a legal document that an interior designer could file on the real property of their client. This could mean that the client would be unable to sell, refinance, or transfer the real property without paying the interior designer. Unfortunately, most states only grant lien rights to architects and engineers, not interior designers. There are some exceptions, but overall interior designers are unfairly disadvantaged because their state’s law does not grant them lien rights.

What can you do? Take Action!

Support the advocacy effort in your state to secure lien rights for interior designers by texting your state’s unique keyword – “InteriorDesigner” plus the state’s initials - to 52886.

For example: If you want to be a part of the advocacy effort in Virginia or North Carolina, text “InteriorDesignerVA” or “InteriorDesignerNC” to 52886.