The Right to Copyright Interior Design Plans and Drawings

Copyright law is not the most interesting issue for anyone, much less interior designers. However, it is absolutely one of the most impactful. The bottom line is that the current federal copyright law does not give as much legal protections for interior design works as it does for architecture works. If we are to advance as a profession, this must change and in so doing increase protections for interior designers in order that their work is not unfairly duplicated.

What can you do? Take Action!

Support the advocacy effort in your state to secure lien rights for interior designers by texting your state’s unique keyword – “InteriorDesigner” plus the state’s initials - to 52886.

For example: If you want to be a part of the advocacy effort in Virginia or North Carolina, text “InteriorDesignerVA” or “InteriorDesignerNC” to 52886.