The Right to Bid on Government Projects

During 2014, Massachusetts interior designers came together to win the right to bid state government funded interior design projects. This was the first win of its kind anywhere in the country and its success must be duplicated again in other states and at the federal level.

The federal government alone is the largest owner of real estate in the entire country. State governments also have significant real estate portfolios. Regardless of the jurisdiction, this built environment infrastructure is in constant need of renovation and improvement. However, interior designers are limited in their ability to bid on such projects because they are required to have an architect or engineer submit the bid.

This means billions of contract opportunities for our profession’s small businesses are being missed because the law puts interior designers at a disadvantage. This must change. Government regulations and laws at the federal and state levels must recognize interior designers’ right to bid!

What can you do? Take Action!

Support the advocacy effort in your state to secure lien rights for interior designers by texting your state’s unique keyword – “InteriorDesigner” plus the state’s initials - to 52886.

For example: If you want to be a part of the advocacy effort in Virginia or North Carolina, text “InteriorDesignerVA” or “InteriorDesignerNC” to 52886.