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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive credit if I retake a CEU from a past compliance period?

No, CEUs can only be counted once during the reporting period in which they are taken. If the same CEU is completed in a future compliance period, the CEU will not be added to your IDCEC registry or counted towards you ASID CEU membership requirement.

I’m thinking about joining.

Great! ASID is the prestigious organization for practicing interior designers, students of interior design, and interior design educators. ASID has an incredible benefits package

What are the qualifications for membership?

ASID has a membership category for you. Are you a…

OK. ASID seems awesome. I’m ready to apply. What do I need to do?

You can apply online or fill out a PDF application and email to

Each Member Category has slightly different documentation requirements to submit with your application to apply for membership.

As a Practitioner you will need:

  • NCIDQ, ARIDO, CODDI, or ARE number (Professional only).
  • College transcripts (unofficial are ok!).
  • Work experience forms (Associate only).

As a Student you will need:

As a Graduating Student you will need:

  • Your ASID Student member number and proof of graduation (Login to view).

As an Educator you will need:

  • Letter of confirming employment on university stationary.

When does my membership begin? And when do I need to renew?

Your year of ASID membership officially begins when the application, supplementary documentation, and payment are received. To keep your membership current, you can renew by your 12th month or earlier.  So if you joined in January, your renewal payment would be due by December 31.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, or you can pay by check. Sorry, no bitcoin. Some membership categories allow members to spread your total dues across 12 months by saving a credit card to your profile. Make sure you review our billing policies.

Where do I pay my dues?

Login and select View and Pay Invoices at the bottom of your profile page.

My Membership Card – I lost it, I need it immediately, the dog ate it.

You can print a temporary membership card by logging into your Member Home and in the Member Menu selecting View and print ASID Membership Card.

The physical membership cards are mailed 4-6 weeks after receipt of payment. If you haven’t received a card within 6 weeks of joining or renewing, give us a shout at

How do I update my contact information?

Everything you need to manage your membership is in the member home. Just login and update your profile through Account Management.

You keep telling me to login, but I don’t know my login information.

On the Login page, select Forgot Your Password? on the bottom, right hand side of the screen. You will be sent an email with your login information.

I still can’t login!

OK – we can help! Email

What is Find a Pro?

Find a Pro connects you, the designer, with client prospects in a sleek, updated interface that highlights your design strengths and experience.

How can I get a Find a Pro listing?

Any ASID member paying the full dues amount for the categories of Professional, Allied, Advance to Allied, Architect, Associate, and Educator in good standing can activate a basic listing. Retired and inactive members are not eligible. Not a member yet? Join today.

Does the CEU requirement apply to me?

CEU compliance is a membership requirement for all practitioner member of ASID. This includes every active ASID member in the Allied, Professional, and Associate membership categories. Note that members in the following categories are not required to fulfill the continuing education requirement: Professional Inactive, Professional Life member, Professional Retired, Allied Retired, Industry Partner, and Student member.

Why is continuing education important?

Enacted by the ASID Board of Directors in April 2007, the Society requires practitioner members (Professional, Allied, and Associate members) to engage in regular, ongoing continuing education. This member requirement is based on a belief that professional development strengthens the interior design profession and the Society by improving members’ competencies, knowledge, and skills in subject areas essential to the growth and success of the industry.

What if there are special circumstances that prevent me from earning my CEUs?

ASID may grant an adjustment to the requirement for poor health, certified by a physician; a specific physical or mental disability, certified by an appropriate health care professional; extended duty with the armed forces; or for extreme hardship, which, in the board’s judgment, makes it impossible for the member to comply. Requests for an adjustment to the continuing education requirement must be made no less than three months (by September 30) before the end of the current reporting period. Please contact ASID by email at

How much continuing education must I take?

The current policy requires successful completion of at least 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), equal to 10 contact hours of approved continuing education coursework, during each two-year reporting period. One contact hour = 60 minutes of instruction. Contact hours do not include breaks or meals, and do not include travel to destinations.

In the past I only had to earn 1.0 CEU, now I have to earn 10 CEUs. Does that mean 100 hours or is it still 10 hours?

IDCEC changed their numbering system since our last member CEU compliance period. In the past, 0.1 CEU = 1 hour, but now 1 CEU = 1 hour. You still need to have at least 10 hours of continuing education over two years; that has not changed.

May I rollover continuing education hours into the next reporting period?

Members may not “bank” CEUs from one reporting period to the next. You may only count those hours taken during the specified two-year reporting period. For the current reporting period, only CEUs earned between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2021, will fulfill the requirement.

I just joined ASID as a Professional, Allied, or Associate member and am in my first reporting period. Do I immediately need to begin taking continuing education?

The number of CEUs required during your first reporting period will vary, depending on the time of year your membership status changed.

Join Date


CEUs Required


Members Required


May 31, 2020 or Before


10 CEUs (10 Hours)


Professional, Allied, Associate


June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021


5 CEUs (5 Hours)


Professional, Allied, Associate


June 1 – December 31, 2021




Professional, Allied, Associate


Who are approved CEU providers?

ASID will recognize continuing education coursework (courses, workshops, online distance learning programs, webinars, conferences, seminars, etc.) as successfully fulfilling your CEU requirements only if the coursework is “approved” by one of the following entities:

  • IDCEC Approval System
  • State Regulatory Board 
  • Approved Industry Relevant Organizations (AIA, GBCI, NKBA, and IFMA)
  • Colleges, universities, and other degree-granting institutions offering degrees (e.g., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) and credit-bearing certificate and diploma programs in interior design that are accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA, formerly FIDER). Courses taken for college credit towards a degree program do not count as CEU credit.

Please visit ASID Approved Continuing Education Units for more information and instructions on reporting.

Is there any limitation on the subject matter of the courses I take?

No. ASID does not impose any CEU mandates for health, safety and welfare coursework at this time. We encourage you to select coursework that supports your own professional development plan and advances your professionalism as an interior designer.

What records will I have to keep?

ASID members are to utilize the International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) registry to warehouse CEUs. Every ASID member has a unique IDCEC number to login into the website (your IDCEC number is different from your ASID number). You can find your IDCEC number by logging in to the ASID website and selecting Account Management under the Member Menu.

The IDCEC user registry allows you to upload and track your continuing education activity as well as store a record for you under your account. Check your IDCEC account regularly to ensure your records are up to date (view our IDCEC Website Guide). It is recommended that ASID practitioner members maintain personal files documenting successful completion of continuing education coursework. The documentation/file for each course or program should be kept for four years from the date of course completion. If you are selected for an audit, ASID will request verification of attendance or the completion certificate for all coursework.

How is my CEU compliance monitored?

ASID receives regular reports from IDCEC indicating how many CEUs each member has attained. The IDCEC website allows you to upload your certificate of completion immediately after you successfully complete your CEU, and will store this record for you under your account. Please view the IDCEC Website Guide for details on how to self report.

How does the audit of member continuing education records work?

At the end of a reporting period, ASID will review the IDCEC report of CEUs completed by each member. Select members will be audited and required to submit proof of the 10 (10 hours) CEUs required by way of a certificate of attendance or completion, or a stamped conference card. Members who cannot supply proof of completion will face failure of compliance. Any member who fails to comply with the continuing education requirement may be subject to suspension of Society membership in accordance with the requirements of the ASID Bylaws.

What if a course I’ve taken was not approved by IDCEC or the other accepted entities and I want to use it to fulfill my requirement?

If the course is not approved by IDCEC and does not fit in the other categories listed above you may submit the course for evaluation using the Self Reporting Submission Form. ASID will review the course to see if it can count towards the requirement. If the course is approved, you will receive confirmation in approximately 20 business days of receipt. If the course is not approved, you will also be notified. This approval is based on the information received and reviewed and is valid towards your ASID education membership requirement. All such decisions are final.

  • Please note, ASID accepts all courses approved by AIA, GBCI, IFMA and NKBA. Certificates of completion for these courses may be added directly to your IDCEC registry.

Where can I find Continuing Education events in my area?

ASID members can access listings and attend continuing education opportunities through a number of resources, including but not limited to the ASID Academy for online courses, ASID ChaptersIDCEC, and ASID events.

What if I fail to complete the required number of continuing education hours or CEUs by the end of the reporting period?

ASID, at its discretion, may issue you a conditional extension (probationary period) during which you will be required to remedy the continuing education deficiency. If the requirement remains unmet during the next reporting period, your membership in ASID will be subject to suspension in accordance with the requirements of the ASID Bylaws.

What are the different Industry Partner membership categories?

In order to accommodate how a company goes to market and what the desired level of engagement is with the ASID network of chapters, there are 4 different types of IP memberships:  Local, Regional, National and International.  The primary difference between these categories is the number of chapter membership positons their membership provides:  Local comes with 1, Regional with 2 and National with 49. International IP membership provides 2 membership positions and is only for non-US based companies for whom the local chapter experience is not applicable. Download the full benefit checklist for each category.

How do I apply for membership?

You can apply by downloading a membership application or by applying online here at! Have questions?  Please call the ASID Customer Service Department at (202) 675-4456.

Who should I list as the main representative of the company?

The main representative of the company can be anyone from the general manager of the company to the president. The main representative is responsible for the company's membership dues and has administrative rights on the account for any additions or changes made to that membership roster.

When do I send membership dues?

Membership dues should accompany your application for the first 12 months of membership.  Dues are renewed on the annual anniversary of your join date, after your 12 months have passed you will receive an invoice for the next year.

What are additional representatives?

Additional representatives are members added to a company's existing membership category.  Note: Local Industry Partner members may only have one representative on their membership.

How much does it cost to add an additional representative?

The annual membership fee for an additional representative is $200 per person.

Where do I send the application for processing?

All completed applications and checks for membership should come directly to ASID headquarters and NOT to the chapter offices. You can fax your application with credit card payment to (202) 546-3240 or mail applications with payment to

    Attention: Customer Service
    1152 15th St. NW, Suite 910
    Washington, DC 20005

How long does it take to process an application?

It takes from two to three weeks to process the application once it is received at ASID headquarters.

How long does it take to receive my new member kit?

It takes about two weeks after the approval date to receive your new member kit.

Once I am a member, how do I get involved with my local Chapter?

Your chapter will contact you shortly after you receive your new member kit. However, please do not hesitate to initiate the contact as soon as you receive notification of membership acceptance. Contact information for all ASID chapters is available on the chapter locator page.

Do you sell your mailing or email list?

For our members’ privacy, ASID does not share or sell our members’ contact information. Please note that our local chapters may allow you to purchase usage of their local chapter members’ email and/or postal mailing list. Allowing outreach to local chapter members is at the discretion of the local chapter, and pricing and policies may vary. Please note that if a local chapter does sell usage of their email list, the email will be facilitated through your local chapter. If the local chapter allows usage of their postal mailing list, that mailing will be facilitated through the Society’s preferred mail house. If you’re interested in connecting with your local chapter on their pricing and policies, please visit our Chapter Locator for contact information for all of our 46 chapters.

National Industry Partners (NIPs) may work with ASID National to purchase rental of the full ASID member email or postal list. Facilitation of those emails will be conducted by ASID and facilitation of postal mailings will be conducted by the Society’s preferred 3rd party mail house or the NIPs. Please note that National Industry Partnership comes with one free rental of the full ASID postal mailing list; additional postal mailing uses are $2.5k per rental, and email blasts are $5K per rental. A maximum of one email and four postal mailings may be sent per year per partner a la carte, access to additional usage is only available through bundled sponsorship packages. If you have any additional questions on pricing or policy specific to National Industry Partners, please contact us at

What is the difference between membership and sponsorship?

Membership is paid with annual dues and allows Industry Partners to take part in the chapter experience. IPs can connect representatives to our network of 46 chapters, and as members, can attend local chapter meetings, participate in various chapter leadership opportunities, and get involved with volunteer activities. Membership also includes access to the latest ASID research and an annual subscription to ASID ICON.

Sponsorship, offers an optional opportunity to increase visibility through additional marketing, branding, special access, or deeper engagement with an audience, and is typically offered at a fee in addition to annual membership dues. Sponsorship is often used to underwrite programs and events, but can also include other brand awareness, messaging, and promotional activities. Sponsorship opportunities are available on both the local and national level. Locally, the chapter can set their own guidelines and offer advertising and outreach opportunities that are specific to each chapter website and market. To augment local sponsorship, ASID headquarters also offers the ability to align exposure, in-person contact, marketing activities, and touches with the ASID design community via sponsorship of our various national platforms and events. If you have any questions, please reach out to

How do I get my CEUs considered for ASID Chapter programming?

Contact the local chapters where you have member representation to inquire about their calendar openings and process. Each chapter operates autonomously and can advise of their opportunities.

How do I get my CEUs considered for ASID National programming?

ASID seeks to identify new and unique presentations for programming at national conferences and industry events via an RFQ process. The call for proposals is coming soon. All completed submissions will be peer reviewed by ASID and volunteers for content, quality and applicability to target audiences. If you have any questions on the RFP or review process, please contact ASID at

How is this different from the membership directory?

The membership directory is a private directory for ASID members only. Find a Pro is public and targeted toward consumers.

OK, I want to activate my listing.

To activate your Find a Pro listing, login to your ASID member dashboard. Select ‘Update Find a Pro Information’ to access your Find a Pro account. Form the referral main menu, select ‘Opt-in/Opt-out’ and follow the instructions on the page.

Why are some features greyed out in my Find a Pro main menu?

Greyed out features – such the ability to add images, service areas, and awards – are only available for Enhanced Profiles. You can purchase an Enhanced Profile subscription by logging in to and selecting the ‘Update Find a Pro Information’ on the Member Home page. At the bottom of the ‘Referral Main Menu’ is an option to update your profile.

What is an Enhanced Profile?

You can maximize your exposure by upgrading your Find a Pro listing with an Enhanced Profile subscription. Enhanced Profiles appear above basic listing during searches and feature a profile photo. You will be able to add image galleries, service areas, and awards to increase your exposure.

How do I get an Enhanced Profile?

The Enhanced Profile rate is $200 for a 12 month subscription. Subscriptions to the Find a Pro – Enhanced Profile cannot be billed in installments and will not renew automatically. You can read the Billing Policies for more details.

How do I add photos and create a gallery?

The photo feature is only available for Enhanced Profiles. If you have an Enhanced Profile, you can add images from the ‘Referral Main Menu’ by selecting Upload Photo. The ideal image size is 753 pixels x 565 pixels. You can group images into a gallery using the tag field. For example, all images tagged with ‘Office Project’ will appear in the same gallery.

I updated my profile, but my changes are not appearing on my Find a Pro page?

It can take up to 15 minutes for updates to appear on your Find a Profile account. If 15 minutes have passed and your changes are not appearing, please try clearing your cache and opening a new browser.

I thought I had a listing, but it disappeared. What happened?

Your Find a Pro listing will be removed if your ASID membership is suspended. If you are an ASID member in good standing and your listing is not appearing, please verify that you are opted in to the Find a Pro service. To check your opt-in/opt-out status, log in to and select ‘Update Find a Pro Information’ on the Member Home page. In the ‘Referral Main Menu’ select the Opt-In/Opt-Out button and verify the ‘Yes’ is check at the bottom of the page.

Check also that your Find a Pro subscription is up to date. Remember that this is billed separately from membership dues.

Help! I have more questions.

No problem! That’s what we’re here for. To reach a dedicated Find a Pro specialist, email or call 202.546.3480 and select option 6.