Board of Directors: Responsibilities and Expectations

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Board of Directors is the authority for the governance of the Society. The Board’s objective is to advise, govern, oversee and set policy, assisting in the leadership of ASID and acting as representation of the overall membership. The Board delegates to the Society’s CEO the management of operations and resources.

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Board Responsibilities

  • Establish the Society’s mission and purpose, periodically re-assessing to ensure that the organization is adhering to its stated mission and purpose and making modifications as needed and when deemed appropriate.
  • Execute the Society’s strategic planning process, setting the strategic direction and tracking progress based on pre-determined metrics with the support and participation of the Society’s executive team.
  • Provide strategic oversight to Society programs with ongoing executive team collaboration to ensure alignment with the Society’s strategic plan and achievement of agreed upon goals and objectives.
  • Ensure that the Society uses effective financial strategies, including reliable and diverse revenue sources.
  • Ensure protection of the Society’s assets and provide financial oversight:
    • Review and approve the Society’s annual budget.
    • Ensure adherence to all financial policies, both short- and long-term.
    • Ensure annual audits are conducted.
    • Require transparency in financial practices.
    • Delegate day-to-day oversight to appropriate staff and Board-designated committees.
  • Build an effective and competent Board by adopting policy that ensures candidates meet competencies and qualified members are nominated for election.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity of the Society, its policies, practices, and operations, ensuring compliance, transparency and accountability.
  • Enhance the Society’s public image and standing, serving as ambassadors and advocates for the Society.
  • When appropriate, select and terminate the Society’s executive officer.
  • Support the CEO’s leadership and evaluate his or her performance annually against an agreed upon set of goals and objectives.
  • Monitor the chapters of the Society to ensure they remain compliant with the Society’s strategic direction and programs, also ensuring they are operating with the proper resources and legal and ethical integrity:
  • Delegate day-to-day oversight to appropriate staff and board designated committees.


  • Know and be able to articulate the Society’s purpose, goals, strategic focus, polices and needs.
  • Serve the Society and the interior design profession as a whole.
  • Attend and participate in Board meetings, conference calls and special events as needed.
  • Participate in standing and/or ad-hoc Board committees and task forces as requested by the president.
  • Exhibit leadership and professional engagement in the design community.
  • Be effective in all Board discussions and deliberations by being prepared and familiar with advanced required reading materials.
  • Recognize and nominate potential leaders for the Society.
  • Support the Society’s bylaws, policies and position statements.
  • Hold information and data confidential until the Board provides consent.