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A Year in the Life of the Chair of the ASID National Board of Directors

John Cialone, FASID, NCIDQ is the chair of the ASID National Board of Directors. Follow John through a variety of writings, inspirational messages, and videos posted throughout the year.

John Cialone Chair’s Messages (2023-2024)




January 2024

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April 2024

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January 2024

To My Fellow Members,

Hello, and Happy 2024! I hope the New Year is off to an inspiring and prosperous start for each of you.

For me, it is quite an honor to begin the new year with my first message as Chair of the ASID National Board of Directors for FY2024. The opportunity to represent our profession and members is a career highlight for me. I am proud to say I have been a member of ASID since I was a design student, and the chances at leadership in our Society forever affected my career for the positive. I could not even begin to repay ASID for the opportunities it has provided me to grow, lead, and learn. I want to extend my personal gratitude—so many of you have made this possible for me through mentorship, generosity, and friendship; thank you, and I promise to make you proud!

It is incredible to have been a part of this profession as it has grown and evolved. Back in my student days, I wrote an article, “Go Outside of Our Boxes” for the Student Spectrum section of the 1994 November/December “ASID Report,” in which I encouraged my peers to branch out of a myopic focus and stay knowledgeable about current events and embrace a global vision to better understand and serve the needs of our clients.

I’m taking my own advice now more than ever as I am faced with opening my mind to the differences that make us unique but also bring us together. We are fortunate to have a robust and nimble membership that has gracefully adapted to all the ways in which our worlds have changed over the years.

On Monday, ASID will release its eagerly anticipated 2024 Trends Outlook report. This research is our marquee offering to both our membership and the public, underscoring the power and importance of interior design. As we look at the ways we live, work, play, and heal, awareness of these research findings helps to set us apart in our thinking, process, and practice. Covering societal and demographic shifts, from authenticity and the need for connections- to the importance of pets in our lives, this literature review “goes outside of the box” to help guide us in understanding clients' shifting needs and sentiments in the year ahead. This resource is offered free to members—please keep an eye out for the full report and plan to download it on Monday.

In closing, thank you again for your support, your passion, and your purpose. We are stronger together, and I very much look forward to serving you and our beloved profession this year.

John P. Cialone, FASID NCIDQ

April 2024

ASID Logo Chair's Message from John Cialone, FASID, NCIDQ
Greetings ASID Community,
Please view a message from the Chair of ASID’s National Board of Directors, and the Chief Executive Officer, here.
ASID logo with icons circling logo
The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is pleased to announce four new membership categories to join our community in 2024: Affiliate Individual Membership, Firm Partnership, Higher Education Partnership, Affiliate Organization Partnership.
  • Affiliate Member:
    Individuals that collaborate with the profession of interior design (other than Practitioner, Educator, or Student).
  • Firm Partner:
    Any business with interior design as all or part of the company’s service offerings.
  • Higher Education Partner:
    Any post-secondary, higher education institution including a university, college, or accredited school of interior design.
  • Affiliate Partner:
    Any organization that champions the profession of interior design (other than Supplier, Firm, or Higher Education Institution).
ASID’s expanded membership model underscores the leadership role of interior designers in the built environment and fosters a more accessible, inclusive, and diverse community. These values are vital to our organization, reflecting ASID's conviction in the collective strength we embody. Embracing these principles will propel the interior design profession into the future. Our goal is to increase awareness and appreciation for the practice of interior design by acknowledging the varied voices, perspectives, and collaborators who play a part in the shaping of the interior-built environment. ASID is proud to have created a space to foster these reciprocal relationships.
2024 is an incredible time to be an interior designer. Design Research by ASID has shown that interior designers now touch over 30 industries including furniture and home furnishings stores, architectural and engineering services, wholesale trade, construction, building materials and supplies, manufacturing, even federal, state, and local government. It is incredible to consider the potential reach we have as we embrace these sectors with our new membership structure.
Appreciation for interior designers’ unique skills and contributions has occurred in part because, when we are counted together, designers as a collective have significant economic influence. It is important that our organization embraces the new members of our community and extends our influence into these sectors… and beyond!
Research also indicates a possible benefit to practitioners in generating business—in 2023 Design Research by ASID found that for interior designers, nearly 20% of referrals (11% contract, 2.4% realtor, 4.2% showroom/dealer) come from adjacent members of the project process.
As we build our membership with collaborators within the interior design community, we’re excited to be a space where those contributing to the betterment of the built environment will find opportunities for networking, educational content, mentorship, career advancement, and camaraderie.
We hope you will join us in welcoming our new affiliates and partners to our community. Invite them to join your chapter, get involved as a volunteer, network, and lift one another up. We are stronger together, and as ASID approaches our 50th anniversary, we are dedicated to supporting the advancement of the profession and representing all interior designers.
Because after all, that is what interior designers do—we better the human experience. Let’s do that together.
On behalf of the National Board of Directors and ASID headquarters, we wish to thank all of our members for your passionate support of our organization. Members like you make it possible for ASID to provide critical research to our community and advocate on behalf of professional interior designers nationwide. As always, thank you for your engagement with ASID and please reach out with any questions.
Warm regards,
John Cialone
Chair, ASID National Board of Directors
Khoi Vo

Previous Chair’s Messages

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