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Chair's Message - October 2017

I know it is something you often hear – a new leader begins and you hear how “honored” they are to be in the position. Call it cliché but I can honestly say, aside from being the dad of two teenage kids, being Chair of the American Society of Interior Designers Board of Directors is one of the most significant honors of my life and something that I never could have imagined a few years ago. I have been involved with ASID for over 31 years and owe so much of my professional career to the Society. It’s now quite surreal to fill this role after so many incredible leaders, designers, and visionaries have gone before me. My predecessor, Charrisse Johnston, built a solid foundation and set lofty expectations with her moving, deeply personal, and inspiring Chair’s Messages and I plan to do the same.

The ASID I grew up with is not the ASID of today, it is so much more. ASID is more than career stage learning, award-winning research, and difference-making advocacy. ASID, like interior design, is about people, and so many people in ASID have helped shape me as a professional and leader. The personal and professional connections I have made over my career with ASID have made me who I am today. My journey to Chair has been an exciting and challenging path and I am very excited to be on this road and to serve as your Chair.

Similar to our profession, my area of practice has adapted over time. I have worked in Commercial, High-End Residential, and Hospitality design, and most recently have focused on Multi-family, Hospitality, and Senior Living projects. I believe this diverse background has been an incredible benefit to me, especially as we are experiencing the convergence of many design sectors today. We all have our own unique and distinct roads and these roads shape who we are as professionals.

Last year, Charrisse introduced herself to ASID through her Top 5 list. In keeping with her direction and to help you get to know me better, the following is a quick snapshot of my unique path in this incredible profession of interior design.

You may note from my pathway that I love the business side of our profession. For me, running and managing a growing and diverse business has been as rewarding and exciting as designing a complicated project. Through it all, ASID has been there for me, and I have been there for ASID.

Looking ahead, I encourage and challenge you to engage with ASID at any level. Saying YES and challenging yourself to being involved can and will have huge rewards. Let ASID be an investment in yourself with high ROI.

I am looking forward to getting to know you in the coming year and to sharing the stories of our unique paths!