Presenting the NCIDQ Exam Prep by ASID to help interior designers achieve professional certification. 

Advance your career and the interior design profession by earning the NCIDQ Certification. Be prepared and confident to pass the NCIDQ Exam with ASID. 

ASID presents the association’s NCIDQ Exam Prep program that will be open to all with special discounts for current ASID members. Winter and Summer course cycles offered. Limited spots are available!

Price: $299 | ASID Member Price: $249 

Fee includes 6-months of access to ASID Academy program content, live and recorded webinars, and placement in a study group (virtual and/or in-person).


STEP 1: Register for the program.

STEP 2: Purchase your PPI “Complete Exam Bundle.”

STEP 3: Begin working in the online course right away. Instructions are provided for each module in the course.

STEP 4: Plan to attend the live webinars for the exam parts you are taking this cycle and meet your cohort of study peers. Be sure to complete your pre-work before each webinar!

STEP 5: Meet your study coach and peer study group and continue to support each other leading up to exam time!


Connect with exam testing experts and study coaches and join a cohort of study partners to help support you as you prepare to take the NCIDQ Exam. The ASID program format utilizes a multimodal learning approach to give you the best opportunities for success - a blend of independent work you can do on your own time, live scheduled webinars with focused review on each part of the NCIDQ Exam and test taking strategies, and a support system of study groups both virtual and in-person.  All programming and content will be posted in the online course home page on the ASID Academy, the hub of interior design online learning.  

Program participants are required to purchase the PPI Complete Exam Bundle. Receive a 20% discount off PPI materials through ASID.  


Upon registration, begin with self-directed content on the structure of the NCIDQ Exam, how to apply and register, standardized test formats and tricks, and exam day expectations.   


Attend a series of expert-led webinars with your cohort of peers. Webinars will be segmented to help you navigate each section of the exam, plan and maximize your study time and scheduling and complete practice exams to help you prepare. The program is designed for attendees to complete pre-work before attending each webinar for optimal benefit of the time allotted. Webinar recordings will be available to program participants within 24 hours after each session has concluded. 

  • Webinar 1: IDFX Focus

  • Webinar 2: IDPX Focus

  • Webinar 3: PRAC Focus


Support your peers through discussion board postings and additional live webinar study sessions – only available to program participants and leaders.  


Did you know? ASID members who pass the NCIDQ Exam are eligible to have their first-year Professional Member dues waived (a $549 value).
*To secure the offer, members are to notify ASID Membership within one calendar year of successfully completing the NCIDQ exam.


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