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ASID Sustainability

Welcome to ASID’s Sustainability page. ASID believes design impacts lives, and as this relates to sustainability, we believe design has the power to impact our health, the health of our planet and the health and wellness of all its ecosystems. Understanding the impact of design and our power to affect positive change in our world is of paramount importance to our association, and we are committed to building an infrastructure to support and inform our members and change the way our industry operates. This page will be the home for our sustainability work. We are excited to share knowledge and resources here to support your efforts to build a more sustainable body of work.

ASID Statement on Climate, Health, and Equity

To advance design excellence within all professional disciplines of Interior Design and industry partners, ASID supports a focus on three tenets of design excellence: Climate, Health and Equity. 

Sign the Climate Pledge!

The Interior Design Pledge for Positive Impact calls upon designers to understand, assess, and maximize the positive impact of our work by making three interconnected commitments: Design for Climate, Design for Health, and Design for Equity.


ASID Committee on Climate, Health, and Equity

Committee on Climate, Health, and Equity serves to lead the interior design profession and industry towards positive outcomes in addressing climate change, health, and equity, for our planet, our people, and our community. 

ASID Principles of Design Excellence

The ASID Principles of Design Excellence provide a framework and a call to action to advance design towards a regenerative built environment that solves the challenges facing our world around climate, health, and equity.


Ecomedes Portal

ASID members have the power to transform the built environment. Learn more about materials and products that support ASID’s commitment to sustainability at the ASID Ecomedes Portal.