ASID Knowledge Contributor Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ASID Knowledge Contributor. Please fill out this form to begin the process. The ASID Knowledge Contributors program provides the opportunity for ASID members to host on-demand professional development content on the ASID Academy, the online resource to support career development and growth for interior designers. Host up to three (3) on-demand professional development products on the ASID Academy including CEUs or Learning Resources. The annual ASID Knowledge Contributor investment is $12,000 and includes hosting up to 3 on-demand professional development products on the ASID Academy. Your company will be promoted as an ASID Knowledge Contributor as well as the products you host on the Academy. You will also receive registration reports and completion reports for those who accessed your products.

Eligible members include Industry Partners (National, International, Corporate, Regional), Practitioners, and Educators.

  • CEUs must be pre-approved by IDCEC at a minimum. Additionally, CEUs could be approved by other organizations such as AIA, GBCI, etc.
  • Learning Resources provide quick bites of content. Examples include short videos, downloadable tools and resources, or podcasts.