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It takes lifelong learning to continue to advance and grow in your career. Staying on top of the latest trends and advances in interior design is critical. So are having a plan for your career and taking the necessary steps to meet your goals. To begin we have several resources for the graduating student and new professional.

Williams-Sonoma Invites ASID Members To Explore The Designer Marketplace


ASID Students and ASID Emerging Professionals are invited to join Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Designer Marketplace. As a qualified member, you will enjoy exclusive trade pricing and services throughout our retail network, as well as through our dedicated Trade Representatives.

Whether designing a family residence or a commercial space, you will have preferred access to a broad range of aesthetics and styles represented by our house of brands. Our extensive collections of furniture, upholstery and accessories will help you create environments that appeal to your clients' individual tastes and budgets.

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