Emerging Professional Career Memior Series - Part One



Volume One: One the Hunt
By Ashley Fruits, Allied Member ASID


Hi everyone and welcome to ASID’s new “Emerging Professionals” guest blog series! My name is Ashley Fruits, Allied Member ASID, and I hope that the experiences that we bloggers share can help all of you in your current or future job search … or at least point you in the right direction and let you know what opportunities are out there. 

As for me and my background, I am a recent graduate of Purdue University in Indiana. I know most people, when you ask them about their career path, always start with their first job out of school. For me, my career started with my internship. During college, I had an amazing residential design internship in Georgia that really paved my way through college and into my first job. Before I left my internship, I remember my boss sitting down with me and telling me these two important things. I hope that by sharing these with you, they will help you in landing the right first job:

  1. Never choose your location first; choose the job. If you are happy in your job, the location, even if it is not your top choice, will grow on you. If you choose your location first and you hate your job, you won’t be happy at work or at home
  2. Never settle for a job just because one is offered to you. Make sure that the job fits in with your goals and aspirations both personally and professionally.

When I started looking for my first job, these were two of the hardest things to keep in mind. As you interview, you want to take that first offer so you can get started working but as I have recently learned, it is worth the wait! 

I am now a new assistant project designer at Case Design/ Remodeling Inc. My job as an assistant project designer consists of playing an active role in the design, development, sale and production of design/build projects by completing accurate working plans and detailed drawings. Case was exactly what I was looking for in a design firm and is allowing me to grow with the firm and encourages me to grow as an individual designer. I wish you all the best of luck in your job searches and I am always more than happy to help if I can!

Be sure to read my next blog to learn exactly how I got hired on at Case Design and what the interview process was like!