Resource Library

Whether you are starting a business, looking to improve how you manage your business or wanting to expand your business, there are many resources to help you achieve your goals.  A lot of information can be accessed quickly and easily through the links below and elsewhere on the Internet.  For individual help, contact the Small Business Administration, SCORE, your local Chamber of Commerce or one of the other organizations listed here.

Also consult the list of in-person and online CEUs and conferences on our Web site.  They frequently feature business topics.

ASID Business Library
ASID has teamed up with The Business Library to meet the needs of our members by providing answers to their most important business concerns and questions.  Get expert advice on the issues, problems and challenges that most affect your business and personal finances.  Designed to help you save money, protect what you have accumulated, and build more wealth, each report is a comprehensive, self-contained solution center.

ASID ICON Business Articles
Sound business advice is timeless, staying relevant throughout the years. Practical, informative and just as valuable today as they were when they were first printed, these white papers and articles provide an array of insights and proven practices to assist new business owners and small design firms.

Business Support and Training
Many government and nonprofit organizations offer free or low-cost information, tools and counseling for small business owners, online and in person.