Design Connection by ASID

Get Connected and Grow Your Network!

In today’s world, making connections is an asset to a designer’s professional success. Networking and collaboration are valuable tools to help you learn and grow.  ASID is proud to introduce a new platform that will provide a space where the interior design community can meet, connect, share, and socialize virtually. Design Connection by ASID is a professional social platform that provides an inclusive, engaging, and safe space for ASID Members and the interior design professional community to collaborate and learn from each other, but also a fun place to connect with those who have similar interests. Design Connection hosts a growing collection of community groups that allow individuals to expand their network, share resources, and discuss topics of interest . Through the convenience and innovation of a virtual community platform, the Design Connection by ASID is your own neighborhood of colleagues, friends, and volunteers in interior design. 


What's Happening in Design Connection



Getting Started

My User Profile


All ASID Members have a user profile on Design Connection by ASID through their Single Sign-On connected to their Member Account.

Badges and Ribbons


All users can earn Badges that are showcased on their profile. Badges are a fun gamification incentive meant to promote, recognize, and reward accomplishments and participation. Badges can be earned in various categories including Contributions, Profile Features, Community Activities, Discussions, Library Access, and more! 

Ribbons serve as identifiers within Design Connection. If you are an ASID Member of any type, you will have an “ASID Member” ribbon applied to your profile on the left side under “ASID Involvement " If you have more than one ribbon, only one ribbon will show under your profile photo on discussion treads and your profile card on the Member-exclusive home page.

Earning Points through Contributions, Reputation, and Engagement Activities

Contributions are points awarded when a user creates content and contributes to the engagement and growth of the platform! You’re participating!
You can earn Contribution points by:

  • Starting or posting a reply in a discussion thread
  • Creating a library entry
  • Writing or commenting on a blog
  • Adding an event to a community calendar
  • Your content being “Liked” by another user

Reputation points are awarded when a user’s posts and content is liked or marked as the “best answer.”

Engagement points are awarded based on all your activity. You’re involved! 

Engagement points can be earned by: 

  • Joining a community group
  • Subscribing to a community group discussion digest
  • Viewing a library entry
  • Inviting another user to join a community group
  • Adding a user as a contact


Community Groups

Community groups are created around specified topics of interest (ex. Advocacy in Action, Trends in Interior Design) and/or for groups with similar backgrounds and experiences (ex. Preparing for the NCIDQ Exam, Educators). Community groups allow you to participate in discussions and share resources with other members who share in those group features. In a community group you can read or post a blog, learn about community-related events and announcements, and find community members to connect with. Design Connection by ASID is continually growing with more Community Groups! Each Community Group has different privacy settings. For some communities, you can join immediately, others you may have to request to join.

Community Ambassadors

Each Community Group has one or more designated Community Ambassador(s). These individuals are considered Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on the topic of your community group and serve as leaders of the group to help guide and spark discussion and activity. A Community Ambassador’s goal is to guide and build a specific Community Group into an engaging and inviting space for discussions, networking, and sharing resources. In addition, Community Ambassadors help to moderate the community groups they serve, which includes flagging posted content for administrative review.

Starting a new Community Group

Do you have an idea for a new Community Group? You can request one! If you cannot find a community group for a certain topic of interest or specialized group, you may submit a request in email to with the subject line “New Community Group Request.” Member demand, engagement potential, quantity and quality of content, and ambassador availability will be considered when processing your request.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is the main feature of the member-exclusive home page upon logging into Design Connection. It displays updates on content (Announcements, Blogs, Discussions, Events, and Library Entries) from all the communities to which you belong or have access to view, all in one place! The latest content is displayed at the top of the Activity Feed.

Online Engagement and Netiquette

Exhibiting respectful and professional behavior is an expectation for virtual online environments such as learning management systems for educational purposes, like Design Learning by ASID, and social networking platforms such as LinkedIn. Design Connection by ASID follows a similar standard when engaging with others on this platform. You can view our Online Engagement and Netiquette Policies. Members and guests are required to agree to these policies when joining the platform.

Design Connection is continually monitored for any inappropriate language or content, which is removed from the platform instantly. ASID staff and Community Ambassadors are also responsible for monitoring posted content to ensure it follows netiquette policies. However, if you see content that may be inappropriate or against user policies, you can report it anonymously. The content is then hidden until it is reviewed by Design Connection administrators. We thank you for helping to keep the platform a safe place!

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the Design Connection by ASID platform for the answers you’re looking for or email us at