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EBURD Design Competition Presented by BAA - Billings, MT


It's time for the annual EBURD Design Competition Presented by the Billings Architectural Associtation (BAA).

The Billings Architectural Association is proud to continue our partnership with the Billings Industrial Revitalization District (BIRD, Inc.) for this year’s Celebrate Architecture Design Competition to
create a pavilion for the Northwest corner of North Park within the city's East Billings Urban Renewal District (EBURD).

The goal of this year’s design competition is to bring purpose to a disused portion of North Park in Billings, MT. North Park is the primary green space of the EBURD (East Billings Urban Revitalization District). The EBURD is the oldest part of the City of Billings, comprised primarily of controlled-industrial lands of about 400 acres. The District is situated between the Rimrocks to the north and the railroad tracks to the south, adjacent to the downtown Central Business District to the west, and the east end of the District is at Exposition Drive, directly across the street from the MetraPark grounds. The EBURD offers a complex interwoven fabric comprised of many different typologies, boundaries, densities, and degrees of formality. This allows for very unique interpretations and architectural solutions to the development of this historic area.

Design a three season pavilion on the site of the former US Marine Corps Reserve Center, the footprint of which is now part of North Park. The Marine Reserve center was torn down several years ago, though several artifacts of the center remain. This new corner of the park is in large part cut off from the rest of the park by a set of basketball courts and a baseball diamond. Only a narrow strip of land between the basketball courts and baseball diamond connect it to the rest of the park; as such this corner of the park sees less use than the rest of the park and has become forgotten. To enliven this portion of the park it has been proposed that a new large scale 3 season pavilion be built to help bring people and activity to this corner of the park and help give this area new purpose.
-The Pavilion should provide room for 75 (or more) occupants
-The pavilion should be useable for at least three seasons (possibly through the use of some sort of heating or fire element)
-The Pavilion should provide for a wide variety of uses
-The pavilion should be a landmark for both Billings and the EBURD
-Entrants should feel free to add programmatic elements that they feel would enhance the project and would be appreciated by its users.

The BAA’s Design Objectives are as follows:
- Incorporate the basic principles of sustainability in the building design. These may include site evaluation, construction methods, natural resource management, and systems integration.
-Consider the impacts of solar orientation, wind orientation, vehicular access, building massing, construction methods, material choices, and energy usage.
-Conform to the community’s design covenants and zoning requirements (EBURD Code) in unique and creative ways. Respond to the existing AND future needs of the EBURD, the adjacent areas, and the City of Billings as a whole.

The jury will evaluate projects based on the response to the brief’s objectives, program innovations, contextual relationships, and overall appearance of architecture and graphics. Projects will be examined for their experimentation with the program of the pavilion. It is important for projects to have a thorough understanding of the many forces surrounding the site and their proposal’s
relationship to them. The jury reserves the right to add additional criteria that it determines to factor into the program and the project’s site. Additionally, the jury reserves the right to select projects that do not meet all of the brief’s criteria as long as it justifies the selection.

All proposals will be considered by the jury in their digital form in order to determine 5 or more finalists. Finalists will have their boards professionally printed and displayed during the “Meeting in the
Mountains”. The final judging will occur during the “Meeting in the Mountains” and winners will be announced at “Meeting in the Mountains” the on the night of Friday April 7th, 2017.

This competition is open to all Architects, Intern Architects, Architecture Students, Designers, & Draftspeople. Entrants may enter as individuals or as teams.

Flat fee for ALL entrants: $75 per entry, due upon submission/registration through the BAA website at on or before the submission deadline. We have an all-digital submission process, entrants will submit a 2 page pdf online. Judges will select finalists prior to meeting in the mountains, the BAA will have all finalists boards professionally printed for display and final judging at Meeting in the Mountains.

Submit entry boards in digital format through the BAA website at using our digital submittal tool by the submission deadline. Each team is required to submit one (1) ARCH-D size board (24inx36in) in the form of a single PDF file under 15MB in size. The board may be oriented landscape or portrait. The content of the board is left open to each team to decide what best communicates its concepts and solutions to the jury. Designers will also be asked to include a 200- word max explanation of the project somewhere on the board. Possible board content may include – but is not limited to – plans, sections, elevations, rendered perspectives, diagrams, and images of physical models.

The anonymity of ALL entries must be carefully preserved by the entrants. There shall be no names, logos, or identifying marks on the presentation boards. Any entry that does not maintain the entrant’s anonymity will be disqualified and their entry fee will be forfeited to the Billings Architectural Association.

BAA Jury Prizes… ALL entries will be considered for the juried prizes. The BAA-appointed jury will award the following prizes:
• High Honor Awards: $ 1500
• Honor Awards: $ 1000
• Merit Award: $ 500
BAA reserves the right to add additional prizes as it sees fit.



Date and Time

All Submissions are Due by 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time Monday March 27, 2017.


Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming



Non-Member: $75.00 per Entry
Member: $75.00 per Entry