Partner Spotlight Webinar: Wilsonart


Laminate is no longer just your grandmother’s countertop. Today, High Pressure Laminate has evolved into a versatile material highly prized in commercial and residential applications for its chameleon-like ability to mimic the look and feel of almost any design imaginable, at a price point that competes with many popular surfaces. Yet, laminate has become so familiar to us it’s easy to overlook the transformation that’s taken place over the last 50 years. This presentation will leave you with a fresh perspective on the surface you thought you knew everything about.

Ricky Crow is the director of High Pressure Laminate at Wilsonart. A believer in the company's “can do” culture, Crow began his career 18 years ago as a chemist in the product testing lab. From there, he served as national sales manager for Arborite and general manager of Wilsonart Adhesives. He now works across all parts of the organization to promote and grow Wilsonart’s High Pressure Laminate business. This includes helping to identify market needs, providing direction on product development, assisting with supply chain optimization, and coordinating product launches.

Partner Spotlight provides a monthly 30-minute forum for designers to engage with ASID National Industry Partners, manufacturers, and experts on new trends, product launches, and more. The webinar series does not provide CEUs, but allows members to learn about new and differentiated products and tools to support specification. 

Date and Time

3:00 PM


United States