Satomi Yoshida-Katz, Allied ASID, BFA

YZDA | Yoshida + Zanon Design Atrium

With a design philosophy that speaks to international sophistication and a point of view that transcends regional borders, Satomi Yoshida-Katz creates inspirational environments tailored to the client’s needs, schedule and budget. She is committed to designing and delivering high quality solutions for her clients. Satomi is the principal of YZDA / Yoshida & Zanon Design Atrium, a boutique design studio that creates timeless, stylish interiors for hotels, resorts, restaurants, corporate offices, retail establishments, and private residences in the United States and Japan. She has traveled widely, absorbing experiences and ideas from people, fashion, music and cultural phenomena that are evidenced in the form and aesthetics of her work.

Satomi excels at bringing the project’s identity and the client’s vision to the forefront of the design process, so that the client is engaged every step of the way. Her interiors are a thoughtful reflection of the distinct personality of the project and its geographical location. She offers a full menu of design services, which can be customized to meet the individual client’s needs, and is experienced in collaborating with architects, contractors, specialists and in-house personnel.

Her services include:
• Conceptual design and analysis
• Design development
• Cost estimate and analysis
• Space planning
• Specifications
• Negotiation or bid coordination
• Project administration
• Colors and materials design
• Furnishings and fixture selection and specification
• Coordination of consultant services, including graphics, signage, lighting, art and accessories
• Purchasing

Satomi Yoshida-Katz was born in Japan. In 1988, she moved to the United States, where she earned a degree in interior design from Iowa State University. She has completed projects in the fields of corporate, government and entertainment interior design as well as boutique hotels, spa, casino and private medical offices, plus lighting and furniture design. She worked for major design and architectural firms in Seattle and San Francisco with responsibility for corporate projects up to 30,000 square feet. Upon relocation to Colorado, she opened her own firm, which is now based in northern New Jersey. Satomi's work has been featured in design exhibitions and has appeared in leading design publications worldwide, particularly in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Japan.

Satomi has contributed her talents to a collection of home and office accessories by a design-driven manufacturer whose line of products has been sold to MOMA and other museum and contemporary interior shops throughout the world. She is currently working as an international design consultant in Japan. She is fluent in Japanese.

Service Area
  • NJ
  • Manhattan, NY
Project Types
  • Residential
  • Office
  • Hospitality/Restaurant