Jeffrey Malaney

Rug Artisan

    Rug Artisan has a wide range of handmade rugs you can choose ranging from hand-knotted, hand-tufted, flatweave, and outdoor rugs. The designs are an assortment of vintage and contemporary and even a mix of both. Our rugs can be customized by any shape, design, size, color, weave type, and material with our proprietary online tool in a few simple steps. Our brand takes a step further and pledges to put 10% of earnings to the welfare of the weavers. This earning gets deposited in a separate bank account and it pays for weavers children school fees, private medical insurances and any other expenses which are required by the weavers or their families.

    Our team of rug designers is the driving force behind our extensive design library. Working in tandem with our manufacturing unit, they relentlessly experiment on viable new design concepts and development plans. Brimming with fresh ideas and innovations, they are also available for our clients who wish to create their own custom designs.

    With a passion to achieve and innate creativity, Rug Artisan has a palpable presence in the home furnishing industry.

    Service Area
    • New York, NY 10022
    • Flooring/Carpet/Rugs