ASID Knowledge Contributors

Partner with ASID to share your expertise and build the knowledge of the interior design community by becoming an ASID Knowledge Contributor.

The ASID Knowledge Contributors program provides the opportunity for ASID members to host on-demand professional development content on the ASID Academy, the online resource to support career development and growth for interior designers. Content including CEUs or other learning resources will be peer-reviewed by ASID volunteer experts for inclusion on curated catalogs on the ASID Academy. Your thought leadership will be featured in front of your target audience as a vetted resource for interior designers.

Eligible members include Industry Partners (National, International, Corporate, Regional), Practitioners, and Educators.


“As a Knowledge Contributor, Chemical Insights Research Institute (CIRI) of UL Research Institutes, provides scientific insights backed by research to support the design community in creating safer and healthier built environments. CIRI’s educational tools on indoor air quality, resiliency, and chemical exposure provide learning opportunities that inspire design and construction.

CIRI is proud to be a part of the Knowledge Contributor pilot program as we value the peer-reviewed process and hands-on practitioner perspective that allows us to stay close to the community and its needs.”

Dr. Marilyn Black
Vice President and Senior Technical Advisor
Chemical Insights Research Institute of UL Research Institutes

Exclusive Benefits

Receive the following benefits when you become an ASID Knowledge Contributor:

Content Hosting & Promotion

  • Professional development content hosted as three (3) products on the ASID Academy for a period of one (1) year.
  • Promotion of company as a Knowledge Contributor in email communications and social media.


  • Use of the ASID Knowledge Contributor badge to promote your support of interior design professional development.
  • Featured as a Knowledge Contributor in curated ASID Academy catalog.
  • Company logo on each ASID Academy hosted professional development product.

Insights & Reporting

  • Provided IDCEC CEU completions weekly (company is required to report CEU completions to IDCEC).
  • Provided quarterly feedback on professional development products.
  • Provided quarterly registration reports.

How it Works

  • Host up to three (3) on-demand professional development products on the ASID Academy including CEUs or Learning Resources.
  • CEUs must be pre-approved by IDCEC at a minimum. Additionally, CEUs could be approved by other organizations such as AIA, GBCI, etc.
  • Learning Resources provide quick bites of content. Examples include short videos, downloadable tools and resources, or podcasts.
  • Content is submitted to ASID for peer review by panel of volunteer experts.
  • Products are hosted on curated ASID Academy catalogs to help learners build knowledge and skills in a specific content area.


The annual investment is $12,000 and includes hosting up to 3 on-demand professional development products on the ASID Academy. Your company will be promoted as an ASID Knowledge Contributor as well as the products you host on the Academy. You will also receive registration reports and completion reports for those who accessed your products.

Supporting Partners

Thank you to our current Knowledge Contributors for their commitment to advancing the interior design profession through their contributions to professional development. Their expertise and generosity help us provide valuable resources and opportunities to the interior design community.

Chemical Insights Research Institute

Chemical Insights Research Institute is on the front line of research on emerging environmental health threats facing people and the planet today. Our work lets people around the world know what chemicals are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the products we interact with every day. Our leadership role is to provide objective research and resulting knowledge for improved practices, innovative product design, and changes that enable safer products and healthier environments.

Chemical Insights Research Institute Resources

Specifying Residential Upholstered Furniture to Safeguard Human Health
Is it possible to specify residential upholstered furniture that protects people from both fire and chemical hazards? This course explores this issue and highlights research related to fire barrier technology.

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Specifying Residential Upholstered Furniture to Safeguard Human Health and Well-Being: A Toolkit for Reducing Fire and Chemical Risks
This toolkit will help you consider chemical safety and fire safety when selecting furniture, with guidance on specifying solutions that address this safety convergence

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3D Printer Safety: A Guide for Supporting Indoor Air Quality & Human Health
Use this toolkit to understand the fundamentals of 3D printers and learn mitigation strategies to support the safe application of this innovative technology.

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