Cultural, and Business Concerns Affect the Designs You Produce.

At ASID, we know that interior design impacts the human experience. Effective interior design makes workers more efficient, helps students learn, and helps everyone get and stay healthy; it helps us have fun, age gracefully, and connect with family. Design is at the crux of how we live, work, and play. But if this is how interior designers impact the world around us, what impacts interior designers? When we sit down at the drafting table, what factors are at play? And how do they impact the designs we ultimately produce? For the 2016/2017 Interior Design Outlook and State of the Industry report, we hypothesize that in order to understand the built environment, where we spend about 93 percent of our lives, we must first understand what impacts the people who design it.

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State of the Industry
The business of interior design has been quite good over the last twelve months, and we expect that to continue. Last year’s State of the Industry report showed that interior design had fully recovered to pre-recession levels, and the momentum carried through this year, with only slight moderation. With all indicators showing robust growth, this is a good time to be in the interior design business.
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Year Over Year Percentage Change in New Residential Construction Permits by Metropolitan Area (2016)