Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC)


ASID members are to utilize the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) registry to warehouse their CEUs. Available to ASID, IIDA, and IDC members, IDCEC provides a centralized website to search and report continuing education activity as well as submit continuing education for approval.

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Every ASID member has a unique, 10 digit number to login into the IDCEC website (your IDCEC number is different than your ASID number). When attending IDCEC approved seminars, provide your IDCEC number to the continuing education provider. You can find your IDCEC Number on the IDCEC website. Search by either full name or ASID member number.

Login to your IDCEC registry with your IDCEC number to view your continuing education registry dashboard. From there, you can report continuing education activity. Check your IDCEC account regularly to ensure your records are up to date and that all CEUs you have taken for up to three years (the current reporting period, plus the last year of the past reporting period) are reported.

The IDCEC registry provides access to your personalized account, including:

  • Reporting of IDCEC approved courses and conferences.
    • For IDCEC approved courses, the instructor will report attendance on your behalf. Credit for a course taken and reported will appear on your record within five business days
    • For IDCEC approved conferences, you must report attendance and upload a verified conference card
  • Reporting of Non-IDCEC courses and conferences (See ASID Approved Continuing Education Units for information on CEUs accepted by ASID)
  • Uploading scanned back-up documentation such as certificates of completion and validated conference cards
  • Printing your unofficial transcript of CEU activity
  • Ordering an official IDCEC transcript of CEU activity ($15 transcript fee)