ASID Announces 2023 Research Grant Program Recipients

(March 7, 2024 –– Washington, D.C.) –– The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has announced the recipients of the 2023 ASID Foundation Research Grant Program, recognizing outstanding research projects that will be developed into educational resources to further support the interior design practice. Through the ASID Foundation Research Grant Program, the Society honors projects that result in actionable design principles, guidelines, and tools that other designers can apply to their own projects and practices to show the power of design to impact lives.

“The 2023 Research Grant Program recipients and their winning projects reaffirm the continued importance of research to advance the interior design profession and its impact on all communities,” said Khoi Vo, chief executive officer, ASID. “With our mission to support and empower design practitioners, ASID is driven by the evolving challenges, trends, and needs of the practice to shape the future of design. Through our research grant program, we are now able to source research to provide educational resources and tools for practitioners of all sectors to apply to their own design processes.”

In 2023, the Foundation called for research on designing humanizing environments for imperiled people, and activating diversity, equity and inclusion in design solutions, project topics that align with the Foundation’s objectives to engage the interior design community and offer an opportunity for furthering previously funded research, yielding greater breadth, depth and longevity of the work.

The grant program, open to all students, educators, interior design practitioners, institutions, and interior design related groups, awarded $30,000 to each grant recipient, made possible by the generous support of the ASID Foundation’s general fund.

The 2023 ASID Foundation Research Grant Program recipients are:

Corgan for their proposal on Experiencing Evidence to Build Empathy: Improving Spatial Design Through Simulated Experience Using a Gerontological Suit. Considering an empathetic approach to design, this project tackles the physical strain educators with disabilities face in spaces designed for children and evaluates how design can be used to relieve these pain points. The team responsible for the project includes:

Melissa Hoelting | Principal Investigator and Senior Design Research Lead, Corgan-Hugo

Chloe Hosid | Co-Principal Investigator and Designer Researcher, Corgan - Education

Samantha Flores | Vice President and Director, Corgan - Hugo

Sangeetha Karthik | Principal, Corgan - Education

Kevin Sloan | Data Designer and Researcher, Corgan - Hugo

Michael Steiner | Senior Project Manager and Senior Associate, Corgan - Aviation

Florida International University (FIU) for their proposal on Enhancing Acoustic Comfort in Dormitories for Students with Developmental Disabilities: Spatial and Construction Guidelines. This project explores the relationship between the environment and one’s well-being, presenting the role acoustics play in the well-being and academic success of students in dormitories. Team members for this project are:

Sam Moshaver | Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture, FIU

Newton D’souza | Co Principal Investigator and Associate Professor of Interior Architecture, FIU

Nicole Attong | Director, FIU Embrace Center

Laura Guerrero Flores, IIDA | Interior Designer, HKS Architects

Saleh Kalantari | Lois and Mel Tukman Assistant Professor, Cornell University Department of Human Centered Design

Dr. Armin Mostafavi | Researcher, TU Wien University Department of Architecture and Interior Design

Washington State University (WSU) for their proposal on The Inclusive Classroom: Effects of Classroom Lighting on Students with ASD. This studies the appropriate correlated color temperature (CCD) of LED lighting in education spaces, its effect on human behavior and how that affects children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Involved team members include:

Alana Pulay | Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor of Interior Design, WSU

Dustin Saalman | Director of Research and Experience Development, NAC Architecture

Julie Allen | Lighting Designer and Associate, NAC Architecture

Sandra Krause-Ayers | Principal, Palouse Elementary School

For further information on the 2023 ASID Foundation Research Grant recipients and their projects, visit Research Grant webpage. For more information on the ASID Foundation and how to donate, visit the foundation website.

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