Did You Know... The role of chemistry in sustainable buildings?

Building materials take center stage at two day-long summits at Greenbuild 2017, Nov. 7-10 in Boston:

  • Greenbuild's Communities and Affordable Homes Summit (Nov. 7) convenes community and sustainability leaders for a day of knowledge sharing and problem-solving to help enhance the economic, social, and ecological health and vitality of all communities. A lunchtime plenary session will focus on chemical manufacturing industry initiatives to develop affordable housing and resilient, sustainable communities in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Greenbuild’s International Summit (Nov. 7) will focus on critical issues around growing sustainability practices and the role businesses, NGOs, governments, and community leaders play on a local and regional level to affect market transformation. A summit session, “Evaluating Sustainable Buildings and Innovative Materials in Pursuit of Sustainable Design,” will address new methods for evaluating building product impacts and emerging analytics within LEED materials pilot credits and the materials science industry.

Partnering with the International WELL Building Institute, ASID will celebrate the intersection of human health and environmental sustainability in buildings and communities at Greenbuild. Visit the ASID Lounge at booth 1841 to network with the creators of WELL, schedule one-on-one appointments with the technical team, expand your knowledge during hosted mini sessions, and stay energized throughout the day with healthy refreshments.