M Moser Associates Living Lab


People: Health & Wellness - The office achieved RESET Certification and has been designed to meet WELL Platinum Certification. With circadian lighting and Naava walls included in the space, people are able to stay longer and work longer hours within the office due to comfortability. A 50 percent decrease in sick days within a year of moving into the new office is attributed to the air quality and health-consciousness of the office.

Space: Indoor Environmental Quality - The design improved IEQ through the careful specification of low/no-VOC materials, filtering and monitoring distributed air. A Kaiterra Sensedge monitor and DST air quality monitors are used. Through RESET certification, our air quality is monitored by a third-party using parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, PM 2.5, CO2 + TVOCs.

Space: Spatial Quality I - The office plan provides a variety of space types for various types of work (focus spaces, conference rooms, lounge areas, quiet / wellness rooms, phone pods, VC rooms, standing desks, sitting desks, collaboration zones, etc.). Employees have doubled in numbers (30+ people at move-in and now at 50) and can accommodate nearly 75 with the current desks and seating available. Additional furniture designs may be able to extend and encompass alternate working points for future growth.

Environment: Resources - The office has been recognized with the “Ocean Champion Badge”, the highest level of The Oceanic Standard (TOS), for adopting a holistic approach to sustainable operating practices, with a strong focus on eliminating single-use plastics. M Moser offices are among the first certified in the world, with M Moser New York as the first office space to be certified in the U.S.

People: Performance - After the move to the new office, M Moser New York saw a 75 percent increase in client visits to the office, and 75 percent increased win-rate on projects.