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COVID-19 Resources

ASID has curated the following links and resources to keep you informed about COVID-19 and its impact on your community, your businesses and your life.  We have separated them into categories to help you narrow down your search for knowledge.

The date behind each listing is the date the item was added to this resource library. Please check back regularly for updates.


World Health Organization (WHO) Situation Dashboard  (Real Time)

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) (Real Time)

  1. What You Need to Know about COVID-19 including diagnosis if you are not well 

  2. Community Resources; and

  3. Map of USA - Click on any State to go to your State website to learn about current conditions and programs available

International Code Council (ICC) COVID-19 Resources Page (03/31/20)

Harvard Business Review COVID-19 Resources Page (03/31/20)

COVID-19 State Reopening Guide (05/29/20)

State Fiscal Responses to COVID-19 (03/31/20)

COVID-19 resources site from google including explainer videos in ASL (03/31/20)

COVID-19: How to be Safe and Resilient (03/23/20)

Mapping the virus’ spread (03/23/20)

National Institutes of Health (03/20/20)
Get the latest research information from this website including:

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center including map (03/20/20)

NPR: It’s Time to Get Serious about Social Distancing: Here’s How (03/20/20)


US Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Resource Page (Real Time)
This page contains links to resources on business resilience and disaster recovery. Resources are available for businesses to maintain operations during the coronavirus outbreak, how the U.S. Chamber and the business community are responding, and the economic impact of the crisis.

Small Business Administration’s Guide for Businesses (Real Time)
The latest tips on operating your small business during COVID-19

Employer Responsibilities & Employee Rights Concerning COVID-19 (04/29/20)

Workplace Guidelines from the Department of Labor (04/29/20)


COVID-19 Impact on Construction Services: State-by-State (4/20/20)

Construction Activity Report (04/10/20)

Construction Activity Report – Mixed Use (04/10/20)

Home Building on Solid Footing despite Coronavirus Pandemic (04/10/20)

Air Quality (HEPA filters are used in HVAC system and these higher-level MERV filters are required for WELL Building Standards) (04/10/20)

How we Can Redesign Cities to Fight Future Pandemics (04/10/20)

Zoom Security Alert: In light of the recent FBI warning related to Zoom, here are some Zoom best practices for users related to protecting your meetings, your data and your privacy, as well as expert user tips. (4/3/20)

Use Zoom? These 5 safety tips can keep the 'Zoombombing' hackers away (4/3/20)

Zoombombing: What it is and how to prevent it in Zoom video chat (4/3/20)

Harvard Business Review (HBR) – Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis (3/30/20)

Industry Groups Urge Cities to Allow Construction (3/30/20)

Business Unusual: The Builder Economy X The Coronavirus (03/23/20)

The US Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with The UPS Foundation has launched Resilience in a Box which is based on best practice and designed to educate business leaders on disaster preparedness and business resilience.(03/20/20)

US Chamber of Commerce’s 8 Things Business Can Do (03/20/20)
From remote work plans to online sales strategies, here are 8 things businesses can do.

Center for Creative Leadership: Best Practices for Managing Virtual Teams and Meetings (03/20/20) 

Gallup’s remote work force
“COVID-19 Has My Teams Working Remotely” -  A Guide for Leaders (03/20/20)

Working from Home…Together (3/30/20)

Working from Home…Alone (3/30/20)

Contracts and Insurance

Hub International (ASID Affinity Partner) COVID-19 Resources and Webinar Wednesday, March 25th at 1PM CT) (03/23/20)

COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: What You Need to Know (03/20/20)

Customer Service

US Chamber of Commerce
5 Ways to Retain Your Customers During the Coronavirus Outbreak (03/20/20)

Small Business Loan Assistance

Accessing the Latest Round of PPP Funding with These 28 Lenders (05/06/20)
28 PPP lenders still accepting loan applications as of April 27. 

How Small Businesses Can Access Private Sector Grants and Loans During COVID-19 (04/17/20)
A list of resources that can help your small business overcome financial barriers during this crisis. 

Small Business Administration’s Disaster Loan Program (Real Time)
The SBA provides low-interest loans to help small business owners. Learn more and apply. 

Amazon Small Business Relief Fund (03/20/20)
If your business is 50 employees or less based in the Seattle area, learn more about their relief fund.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program (03/20/20)
Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries.

Kiva Loan Program (03/20/20)
Kiva has expanded eligibility requirements for small business loans.

NY Small Business Assistance (03/20/20)
New York City will provide relief for local businesses. Businesses with less than 100 employees seeing a 25% decline or more in sales should fill out the interest form for updates.

City of San Francisco Small Business Relief Fund (03/20/20)
Small businesses in San Francisco with one (1) to five (5) employees may be eligible for relief Services.


Government Response to Coronavirus, COVID-19 (Real Time)
Learn about international travel restrictions, how you can prepare for coronavirus, and what the U.S. government is doing in response to the virus.

IRS (Real Time)
The IRS has established a special section focused on steps to help taxpayers, businesses and others affected by the coronavirus.

CDC State and Local Health Department Governance (03/20/20)
Classification Map

Wages, Hours and Leave (03/20/20)
The Wage and Hour Division is providing information on common issues employers and workers face when responding to COVID-19, including the effects on wages and hours worked under the Fair Labor Standards Act and job-protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.