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ASID Interior Design Contract Package

Purchase the ASID Interior Design Residential Contracts Package as one streamlined package that is flexible, customizable, and easy to use. The contract package is authored by Alan M. Siegel, Hon. FASID of Levy Sonet & Siegel, LLP. 

Purchasing the contract package provides you a limited one-year License to use the documents. This License shall be valid for 365 days from the date of license purchase, provided that all copyright notices contained within the Document are neither deleted nor modified. 

ASID Residential Contract Package 

The ASID Residential Contract Package features comprehensive, easy-to-understand individual schedules covering key decision point topics such as: 

  • Design concept services 
  • Designer compensation and fee structure 
  • Merchandise selection 
  • Purchasing services 
  • Administration services 
  • Contract termination 
  • Dispute resolution 

Your ASID Residential Contract Package includes: 

  • Essential Core Agreement 
  • Schedule A: Preliminary Project Information 
  • Schedule B: Design Concept Services 
  • Schedule C: Selection of Merchandise 
  • Schedule D: Purchasing Services (Five options) 
  • Schedule E: Project Administration Services 
  • Schedule F: Designer Compensation (Nine options) 
  • Schedule G: Terms and Conditions of Sale 
  • Schedule H: Termination Rights 
  • Schedule I: Dispute Resolution (Two options) 
  • Schedule J: Additional Terms and Conditions 
  • Schedule K: Blank 

The Terms and Conditions of Sale schedule governs client merchandise purchases. 

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