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Staff Members
Valerie O'Keefe
Valerie O'Keefe
Senior Director of Engagement and Brand Experience

Valerie is a senior associate in the education and engagement team, leading program development efforts for several of the Society’s in-person programs and overseeing many national awards programs. Focusing on professional development, Valerie helps create unique experiences for interior designers as they navigate their careers. She has a special passion for leadership development.

Serving ASID for more than 11 years, Valerie has served in a variety of positions in a number of departments, including Industry Partners, the Executive Office and the ASID Foundation. Before starting her ASID career she worked in sales and fashion merchandising for Woolrich, Inc., America’s oldest outdoor clothing company.

Valerie initially moved to Washington, DC in 2001 when she started at American University. Washington quickly stole her heart and become her hometown. She lives in DC proper with her husband, Ed, and young daughter, Emilia. Travel is a huge part of her personal life, often visiting family and exploring new corners of the world. When in DC, Valerie spends weekends enjoying Washington’s many running trails, museums and restaurants.

Outside the office Valerie is also a member of the Junior League of Washington, focusing on educating children about healthy eating and exercise.


  1. Born and raised on a farm in Pennsylvania
  2. Is one of seven children
  3. Decorated cakes and managed an ice cream store in high school
  4. Met her husband in London, England while studying abroad (He is an American.)
  5. Favorite adventure: Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey