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ASID Industry Partners category is composed of business engaged in supplying equipment, products or services to the Profession.

ASID Industry Partners seek to raise the professional level of the interior design practice through participation and support of research, educational programs and other activities. Through this interaction with ASID professionals, the potential exists for ASID Industry Partners to expand their knowledge of the practice of interior design and increase their share of the marketplace.

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Industry Partner Member Categories

Industry Partner membership gives the representatives access to the network of 46 ASID chapters and here are the overall benefits of membership. The number of reps determines the membership level. Industry Partner membership opens you up to that local community, allowing you to attend Chapter meetings, participate in networking events, or host a CEU.

  • Local Industry Partners may connect one representative from their company to the chapter of their choice for $535/year in dues. One additional chapter may be added for the same representatives only, for $200/year extra.
  • Regional Industry Partner does not refer to a particular part of the country, rather this membership allows you to create a membership that targets the areas of the country most important to your business. Regional Partners may connect two representatives from their company to the chapters of their choice for $1000/year in dues. Up to 15 additional representatives may be added for $200/year extra. Regional Industry Partners may have up to 17 representatives in total.  
  • National Industry Partners may connect 49 representatives from their company to ASID chapters, the dues are $8,300/yr. With 46 chapters across the country, National Industry Partners are able to connect to each of our chapters and still have room on the roster for corporate contacts or an account manager or administrator. A list of all our chapters is here. You may use these slots however you like – you can have one main contact for all Chapters, put multiple people in one chapter – choosing to assign memberships as best suits your needs. The membership is designed to be flexible and allow you to have your representatives connected to the chapters they’re most interested in.  
  • International Industry Partnership may connect 2 representatives with no chapter engagement and provides a company that is headquartered outside the US the opportunity to engage with the Society and support its mission without local representation.  This category is $1,250/year in dues and is geared toward promoting design community on a national level and providing brand awareness to members.
  • Corporate Industry Partners enjoy ASID membership without chapter engagement and include manufacturers, service providers, and other organizations who support the ASID belief that Design Impacts Lives. CIPs connect with the A+D community with brand alignment and national level engagement. This category is $15,000/year in dues and offers an unlimited number of representatives (no chapter designation).





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Corporate Industry Partner

$15,000 or $8,000 with additional partnership