Professional Membership

Professional Membership Qualifications

Professional membership status with ASID requires proof of passage of the NCIDQ examination. Professional membership in ARIDO (Canada) and CODDI (Puerto Rico) is transferable to ASID upon proof of said membership. Individuals applying for professional membership are not required to provide a transcript, but must submit their NCIDQ proof of passage.

The correct use of the ASID appellation supports the value of membership. All members agree to follow specific guidelines, including the use of the Society's name when identifying themselves to the public.

ASID requires practitioner members to complete 1.0/10 credit hours every two years to maintain their membership.

If you qualify for professional membership and are also an interior design educator, you are eligible to receive a discount worth $160 off your annual membership dues! Click here for more information.

Dues and Fees

Pay membership dues your way…via 12 monthly installments or one annual payment!

Membership Type Appellation Application Fee* Annual Dues**
Professional Your Name, ASID $100 $485

*Applications for membership must be submitted with the one-time $100 non-refundable application fee.

**Dues listing includes annual $15 legislative assessment for new and existing members.

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