Starting Your Business

The skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur are often very different from those needed to be an interior designer. If you are contemplating starting a business, consider the following.

  1. Do you have the necessary temperament and abilities?
    There are several issues you should keep in mind when evaluating yourself as an entrepreneur before embarking on this endeavor.
  2. Do you have a plan for how your business will succeed?
    Creating a business plan not only helps to focus your start-up plan, it's also a blueprint you can follow to a thriving practice. Plus it's an essential tool for obtaining business loans.
  3. How will you finance your business?
    Finding the money you need to get your business off to a stable and secure start can be challenging.
  4. What licensing or other legal requirements must you meet?
    Nearly all businesses need a city or county license.  If your business will include some retail, a sales tax license and sellers permit may also be required.  In addition, some states restrict the use of the title "interior designer" or the types of services an unregistered designer is allowed to provide.