Terms of Use for All Calendar Listings

All calendar listings are subject to the approval of ASID. ASID reserves the right to edit submissions for grammar, style, accuracy and content. Calendar listings will expire once the event has concluded. ASID reserves the right to refuse any listing or remove any listing for any reason it deems necessary.

Upon submission, the purchaser will be invoiced by ASID, if applicable. Calendar listings will not become live on the site until invoice is paid in full.

Due to the high volume of event submissions, ASID cannot guarantee that listings submitted less than two weeks from the event's start date will be accepted. Please submit your listings as far in advance as possible. Requests are typically processed within 2 business days. Please be sure to check and see if your event is already listed before submitting it. No refunds will be issues for mutable listings.

ASID makes no claim that calendar listings will result in increased attendance at events and makes no guarantee of the number of page views any listing will generate.

ASID does not grant users of this service the right to use any ASID mark and/or name and does not endorse events in any way unless agreed to in writing through a separate agreement.

Please contact the calendar administrator at education@asid.org if you have questions about these guidelines or the event submission process.