Emerging Leaders Acquired Key Management Skills from Industry Influentials

Design to Lead engaged up-and-coming designers and Industry leaders in a day of learning and networking

ASID was pleased to host 73 future leaders in the interior design and architecture industries at Design to Lead, April 25, at the District Architecture Center in Washington, D.C. The summit was broken into four content areas: Lead Yourself, Lead Your Team, Lead Your Firm, and Lead Your Profession. Design to Lead was generously sponsored by Sherwin-Williams, Steelcase, and Mohawk.

Lead Yourself. Elizabeth Birch of Peris Birch Construction Services gave an inspirational presentation focused on the importance of developing emotional intelligence - the capacity to recognize one’s own, and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. Birch stressed that as an emerging leader, nothing is more important than honing ones level of emotional intelligence.

Lead Your Team. Holly Ellis and Kim Vanderland of Jones Lang LaSalle shared insights on human behavior and change before leading an activity called “System in a Room,” which proved to be a compelling experiment. Ellis spoke about stereotyping and stressed that we all come to new situations with preconceived notions developed through life experience. In order to be an effective leader, one must respect the journeys of others and appreciate the special insight they bring to the table.

Lead Your Firm. Rich Isphording and Jerry Holmes of Steelcase led discussions and breakout activities focused on the art of negotiation. The team presented the 10 Commandments of Negotiation and introduced the Negotiation Prep Worksheet. Small groups discussed given business scenarios and reported their findings to the larger group.

Lead Your Profession. Bill Browning of Terrapin Bright Green spoke about biophilic design, its place in current interior design trends, and his place in its recognition and expansion. Browning shared his experiences working with Buckminster Fuller on the geodesic dome, his work with the Rocky Mountain institute, his interest in biomorphic design, and the ways in which biophilic design is being incorporated into the current built environment.