Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pay my dues?

Click here to login and pay your dues. Once you login, click the "My ASID" link and then "Pay Your Open Invoices" under the "ASID Spotlight" section.

I am a practitioner member who is struggling financially. Is there a way for me to stay active in ASID but reduce my dues?

All practitioner members, upon joining ASID or when renewing, have the option of signing up for a monthly debit on their credit card. This will reduce the initial outlay of money and allows you to divide the overall dues amount across 12 months. You may sign up for this program either online or via the mailed invoice. There is an annual service fee to use the monthly option and that fee is divided across all 12 installment payments as well. A credit card is mandatory to participate in this payment plan.  The debit will continue until you notify ASID in writing that you would like it to stop. Please note that the member is responsible for contacting ASID in the event that their credit card number or expiration date changes.

Beyond the monthly debit option, check out the special statuses and incentives that may apply.To take advantage of the below opportunities or for more information please contact ASID Customer Service at

What is the deadline for me to pay my dues?

Members on a calendar year renewal cycle must pay their dues by January 1 each year.

Can I pay online?

Absolutely! Paying online is simple and secure. Enter your username and password in the member login box, then click on the MyASID link. Once you login you may pay your invoice online and print a receipt for your records.

I don't remember my login or password

Your login and password are on the top left of your mailed invoice.

How can I be certain ASID received my payment?

As soon as payment is posted on your account, you will receive an automatic "Thank you for your payment" e-mail, regardless of whether the payment is made online or by mail.

What does it mean when I receive a Notice of Lapsed Membership email or mailed letter?

An ASID Notice of Lapsed Membership is formal notice that your ASID membership has been suspended for non-payment of dues. ASID has a 60-day payment policy, meaning that after 60 days of non-payment your membership is suspended. However, to become active again, all you have to do is pay the outstanding balance.  There is no late fee!  To view your current invoice(s) and pay your membership dues, please log in to your My ASID account at and select "Pay Your Dues"; call (202) 675-4456 to pay by phone; or mail payment to: ASID Dues, P.O. Box 1437, Merrifield, VA  22116-1437.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your dues balance and/or invoice, please contact the ASID Membership Department at (202) 675-4456 or  

My membership card wasn't attached to my invoice – How do I receive one?

To support the ASID platform issue of sustainability, members can login to and print a membership card 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  ASID no longer prints and mails membership cards for members.  To print your card, login to and select "Go to My ASID". Once in the My ASID section please selct the "Print Your ASID Membership Card" menu option and follow the prompts.

My invoice was sent to the wrong place. How do I update my address?

Members can update their information online 24 hours a day at Simply login to review your information and make any changes to your record. Please do not mail address changes with your dues payment since this mail does not come to Headquarters.

I didn't get a printed invoice in the mail. How do I pay my dues?

You may view your membership invoice online 24 hours a day at Once logged in, you can also change your mailing address.

I am an Industry Partner rep and I didn't get an invoice or a membership card.

Invoices are mailed to the main representative from each Industry Partner company. The main rep can also view the corporate invoice online at Industry Partners do not receive a printed membership card. Rather, you can login and print proof of membership whenever you need it.

I just renewed my membership but changed my mind and want a refund.

Membership dues are not refundable under any circumstance.

I paid the legislative assessment last year. Do I need to pay it again for this new membership year?

Per the ASID National Board's decision, the legislative assessment is a mandatory, annual fee. As in past years, members will be terminated for nonpayment of this fee.

Why can't I select the Dual Payment option anymore?

ASID now offers practitioner members a monthly debit option for annual membership dues. Practitioners may sign up for a monthly credit card debit. Simply check the box on your paper invoice and provide a credit card number or login to when renewing your membership and follow the payment instructions. The debit will continue until you notify ASID in writing that you would like it to stop. Due to this change the past dual payer option is no longer available. Payment plans are not available at this time for student members nor regional or national Industry Partner members.  If you are a local Industry Partner member and are interested in the installment plan, please call (202) 675-4456 before you renew your company's membership.