Frequently Asked Questions

Does this requirement apply to me?

Every practitioner member of ASID must take continuing education. This includes every ASID member in the Allied, Professional, and Associate Membership categories. Note that members in the following categories are not required to fulfill the continuing education requirement: Professional Inactive, Professional Life Member, Professional Retired, Allied Retired, Industry Partner, Student Member.

What if there are special circumstances that prevent me from earning my CEUs?

The ASID Board of Directors may grant an adjustment to the requirement for poor health, certified by a physician; a specific physical or mental disability, certified by an appropriate health care professional; extended duty with the armed forces; or for extreme hardship, which, in the board’s judgment, makes it impossible for the member to comply. Requests for an adjustment to the continuing education requirement must be made no less than three months before the end of the current reporting period.

How much continuing education must I take?

The policy requires successful completion of at least 0.6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), equal to 6 contact hours of approved continuing education coursework, during each two-year reporting period.

May I count continuing education hours I’ve already taken?

Members may not “bank” CEUs from one reporting period to the next. You may only count those hours taken during the specified two-year reporting period. For the first reporting period, only CEUs earned between January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2013, will fulfill the requirement.

I just joined ASID as an Allied, Professional, or Associate Member and am in my first reporting period. Do I immediately need to begin taking continuing education?

Yes. However, the number of CEUs required during your first reporting period will vary, depending on the time of year your membership status changed.

    18 - 24 Months before the end of the reporting period = 0.6 CEUs required
    7 - 17 Months before the end of the reporting period = 0.3 CEUs required
    0 - 6 Months before the end of the reporting period = No CEUs required

Who are approved CEU providers?

ASID will recognize continuing education coursework (courses, workshops, distance learning programs, telecourses, conferences, seminars, etc.) as successfully fulfilling your CEU requirements only if the coursework is “approved” by one of the following entities:

    IDCEC Approval System
    State Regulatory Board
    Colleges, universities, and other degree-granting institutions offering degrees (e.g., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) and credit-bearing certificate and diploma programs in interior design that are accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

Is there any limitation on the subject matter of the courses I take?

No. ASID is not imposing any CEU mandates for health, safety and welfare coursework at this time. We encourage you to select coursework that supports your own professional development plan and advances your professionalism as an interior designer.

What records will I have to keep?

It is the responsibility of each ASID practitioner member to maintain personal files documenting successful completion of your continuing education coursework. This documentation/file for each course or program should be kept for four years from the date of course completion. If you are selected for an audit, you must present ASID with your verification of attendance or the completion certificate for all coursework.

Do I have to submit my records for each continuing education course to ASID?

No. CEU compliance is a required condition of membership. Paying your dues indicates that you agree to remain in compliance. ASID does not need to know what courses you attended. The only exception will be in the event you are one of the members selected for an audit, in which case more detailed records will be requested.

What will I have to provide if there is an audit of my continuing education records?

If you are selected for an audit, you must present ASID with a copy of the certificate of completion or a letter of verification that was issued by the sponsor of each continuing education course completed during the reporting period being audited. Please note that a summary report of your continuing education activities provided by NCIDQ or your state’s regulatory board is also acceptable.

What if a course I’ve taken wasn’t approved by IDCEC for CEUs and I want to use it to fulfill my requirement?

If the course is not pre-approved by IDCEC for CEUs, you may submit it for evaluation using the “Self Reporting Submission Form.” ASID will review the course to see if it can count towards the CEU requirement. If the course is approved, you will receive confirmation in approximately six-ten weeks. If the course is not approved, you will also be notified. All such decisions are final. Email to receive the form “Self Reporting Submission Form.”

What if I fail to complete the required number of continuing education hours or CEUs by the end of the reporting period?

The ASID Board of Directors, at its discretion, may issue you a conditional extension (probationary period) during which you will be required to remedy the continuing education deficiency. If the requirement remains unmet during the next reporting period, your membership in ASID will be terminated.