Mel Klein


DecoCraft USA is a plaster moulding company, or more precisely the plaster moulding company a manufacturer and supplier of Gypsum plaster molding and ornaments. We view ourselves as revivalists of this fine art. Actually, we are one of the few moulding design companies today that still employ the plastering method. This centuries old plastering technique saw its widest decorative use in Europe during the Middle Ages and right through to this current day.

As manufacturers, we can say a lot about plaster moulding. Decorative plaster moulding is inspirational as it crowns walls and ceilings. It is also transformational taking a room to a place of vision and craftsmanship. Plaster is creatively durable. Plaster material not only allows for starker and finer designs but it last for generations. Finally, unlike other decorative materials, plaster offers a seamlessness that does not shift or shrink with changes in temperature and humidity. It really is timeless.

In short, we at DecoCraft USA see moulding design (from the clean contemporary lines to the more decorative artistic ones) for what it is an art form with lots of room for beautiful, delicate and inspired work. We employ people who share our vision including skilled plaster installers who work hard to maintain the DecoCraft USA standards. And since its really all about your vision, we have what it takes to accommodate any idea of yours to create what you have in mind, and a selection of products that will allow you to stick to your budget.

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