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Interior Design Resiliency Report

Resiliency is an individual’s ability to adapt to, and recover from disturbing events or unfavorable situations. Many factors, including our attitude towards a problem, can impact resilience. As creative problem-solvers, the interior design community has the potential for possessing innate and/or trained resilient characteristics.

The purpose of this research study is to examine attributes of interior design professionals, their experiences during the pandemic, and expected changes in the design of the built environment. This study seeks to identify issues interior design businesses and professionals face during major disruptions, track changes implemented in the industry, test the viability of industry-wide changes, and demonstrate the value of design.

The ‘health check-up’ from the Resiliency Report throughout and after COVID-19 will offer a holistic view of the vigor of our interior design community and develop new best practices to assist the industry at an individual and organizational level.

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