Analyzing Your Own Business or One You Want to Buy or Invest In

Objective: To Help You Analyze Any Business For Any Purpose

The prudent buyer doesn't assume; he or she investigates. The prudent seller knows the questions that could be asked and has the answers ready. The prudent owner knows the key data by which to monitor and measure the health of his or her business.

If you're buying a business or just investing in one, it pays to ask all the right questions. Even if the company you're looking at is one you've dealt with for years, or is located just down the street, there still can be plenty of surprises when you look beyond and behind the financial records.

Business and Financial Analysis, all in one document. The Big Mistakes when analyzing, valuing, selling, or buying a business or any asset: The Representations, Analysis of Tax Returns vs. Financial Statements, Assignment and Transfer Agreements, Affiliated Companies, Lease Obligations, Pension and Profit Sharing Plans, Unfunded Liabilities, and many more.

106 Ideas and Questions to ask when analyzing your own business or one you want to acquire or invest in. The Areas to Analyze: History of the Business, Management, Products, Markets, Competition, Sales, Distribution Methods, Customers, Manufacturing and Equipment, Employees and Benefits, Physical Facilities and Capacity, Ownership of the Business, Legal Matters to Review... Plus: Due Diligence and Financial Analysis: 17 Areas to Review...Actual and Projected Financial Spread Sheets, Balance Sheet Positions and Income Statements...Return, Liquidity, and Leverage Ratios to Identify Problems.

This Report will help you conduct a comprehensive review of all those components. You can use it to substantiate the health of a business or diagnose its problems. It's not an easy task. But the information these questions uncover will be well worth the time and effort spent. Use them now to conduct an evaluation of how your business is doing; keep it for future use when analyzing another business you are thinking of buying or investing in, or when pricing your business for potential sale.