Assessing Business Health and Profitability

Includes Two Case Studies to Help You Put It All Together

Basic mathematical analyses and ratios can provide detailed, accurate insights into where a company is now and where it's headed. They can be used anytime you want to run a check on your business. They will help you identify problems in their early stages before they have a chance to affect profitability. They will help you track trends, pinpoint areas holding back profits, and keep a close eye on sales, bill payments, debt, inventory, overhead, and growth.

This Report is published in two parts. Part One is an overview of what the numbers, calculations, and ratios can tell us about a company. Part Two tells us how to get the numbers and calculate the ratios we need for our analysis. Other topics: Liquidity, leverage, profits, basic values, turnover, cost of capital, stock analysis, dividends, dilution, and sources and applications of funds.