ASID Staff


MAIN PHONE NUMBER: 202-546-3480
FAX: 202-546-3240

1152 15th St. NW, Suite 910
Washington, DC  20005

Executive Office

Randy Fiser Chief Executive Officer 202-675-2354
Susan Wiggins Senior Strategic Advisor 202-675-2366
Cara Mitchell Executive Assistant to the CEO 202-675-2345


Finance & Administration

James Black, CPA Vice President, Finance 202-675-2375
Katina Davis Senior Human Resources Associate 202-675-2342
Evonne Crocker Associate, Finance  202-675-2377
Rebecca M. Gallery Office Services | Materials Connections Associate 202-675-2350


Industry Partnerships

Olga Odeide Vice President, Industry Partnerships 202-675-2368
Lauren Stratton Associate, Industry Partnerships 202-675-4443
Angela LaPato Coordinator, Industry Partnerships 202-675-2376


Education and Engagement

Matthew DeGeeter Vice President, Education and Engagement 202-675-2379
Valerie O'Keefe Senior Associate, Education and Engagement 202-675-2351
Kiersten Walker Senior Associate, Meetings and Events 202-675-2344
Tiffany Neumann Associate, Education and Engagement 202-675-2352



DJ Johnson Vice President, Membership 202-675-2374
Kerri McGovern Director, Membership 202-675-4441
Victoria Satterfield Associate, Membership 202-675-2378
Shawn Basker Associate, Membership  202-675-2360
Jessica Irizarry Chapter Associate, Membership 202-675-2364
Adam Mehring Customer Sales & Success Associate, Membership 202-675-4440


Research and Knowledge Resources

David Krantz Vice President, Research and Knowledge Management 202-675-2340
Susan Chung Research Analyst 202-675-2371


Marketing and Communications

Joseph Cephas Vice President, Communications 202-800-2124
Rebecca Sparenberg Senior Associate, Web Marketing 202-675-2362
Laurie Enceneat Senior Associate, Marketing and Communications Projects 202-675-2369
Jessica McConnell Associate, Digital Marketing 202-675-2367


Government and Public Affairs

Jim Brewer Vice President, Government and Public Affairs 202-675-2349
Tracy Leatherberry Associate, Government and Public Affairs 202-675-2370


Strategic Business Priorities

Tiffany Kernan Vice President, Strategic Business Priorities 202-800-2130
Fernando Arias Director, Strategic Initiatives 202-675-2363
Damelia Shaw Director, Strategic Programs and Partnerships 202-675-2356




Associate, Government and Public Affairs